The word “insulation” typically brings to mind lofty batts of spun fiberglass, rigid foam panels and blown-in cellulose. The housewrap is the WRB, but it's deep behind the foam. We obviously live in a very cold climate and winter temperatures regularly reach -20°F to -30°F.”, Calculating the Minimum Thickness of Rigid Foam Sheathing. x 1 in. Use special airtight electrical boxes (see photo, Tip 5) or seal the poly to the electrical box with acoustical sealant. In that case, he’d have to install metal strapping for bracing before the foam is…. Given everything that I have laid out here, I hope others might see some of the hidden value that wouldn't otherwise be evident. Interior Wall Insulation in an Old House. Plug holes in the top and bottom plates with expanding spray foam. ft. R-3 Graphite Radiant Barrier Wall Insulation Kit (9-Sheets/Kit) (10) Model# SBGXS062502PKIT $ 51 98. But the siding is not all "field"... Fiberglass Guy- "man our stuff is elastic and it moves with the house and it breathes but not to much and that closed cell stuff is just to expensive and to rigid and it doesn't breath and its toxic and don't buy all that crap about structural value and racking load man". x 24 in. Don't buy paper-faced insulation for standard wall insulating jobs. House wraps and kraft-faced insulation are examples of vapor barriers that help control the amount of moisture that passes through the insulation. Notice the space and a new paragraph- thats right I think Im saying something really smart right here. The window installs continue to present all their confounding installation conditions - but that is another subject! Become a GBA Prime member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and more. On a table in the middle of the room is fine) Floor. Cellulose Guy- "man our stuff is elastic and it moves with the house and it breathes but not to much and that closed cell stuff is just to expensive and to rigid and it doesn't breath and its toxic and don't buy all that crap about structural value and racking load man". If this is posted in the wrong section of GBA I will gladly go elsewhere. Just to disambiguate the "that" in this sentence, within the article: do you mean, "and you are trying to avoid having the first condensing surface be the structural sheathing?" Solid wall insulation can be applied to either the inside or outside of solid walls. of spray polyurethane foam insulation into the stud bays. structure. It is recommended that you install foam board insulation for exterior walls of concrete, foundations, concrete slabs, basement walls and crawl spaces. Call me Conservative ...or a slow learner Interior Ceiling. These gaps create pathways for warm interior air to leak into the attic, wasting energy and causing attic condensation or even ice dams in cold climates. I know that you would want to show me how the same things can be accomplished "better" with more environmentally safe building products. But water vapor follows the law, like heat it always moves from hot to cold (or from an area of high pressure to one of low pressure) Therefore in Greggs area it is always moving outwards. to the measurement to ensure a snug fit. To do that, lay a batt on … And these guys admit to making a lot of mistakes and learning from them and I like that! Minneapolis, In exterior walls, kraft-faced fiberglass insulation helps control temperature and humidity inside the structure. It evaporates. (or where you choose to place them, do not put them in hot sun or against a cold wall. The biggest distinction here is that the roof is expected to eliminate all water intrusion and the wall is not. Using rockwool in place of foam My feeling is this, now that you have dealt with the issue of dew point on the exterior of the wall, you are free to insulate the 2x4 or 2x6 wall cavity however you see fit. Insulating the inside of the slab negates need for the termite inspection gap, provides protection for the insulation, and is often visually preferred. It's important to have, no matter what weather conditions you live in, though the way you install it may vary. Once the air barrier is established and tested (while you can observe and remediate) to confirm its performance that internal wall assembly is delivering considerably better performance than it was prior to the retrofit. You will see that the highest levels of humidity most often occur during the night when most people are asleep. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. "if the cavity insulation is not air-permeable, then the first condensing surface is not the structural sheathing, and that is really what you are trying to avoid.". But i have spent both the time and money to listen to and talk to and read about what a lot of the "Old Guys" have to say. When doing it from outside, the job involves removing some siding panels so that large holes can be bored through the sheathing at the top of wall stud cavities. We use a spacer and a 2x2 to stand off from the wall sheathing at 4". Window Construction Details for High Performance and Energy Efficiency, One concern, voiced by GBA senior editor Martin Holladay, is that when the sheathing is applied over the foam, and not directly to wall framing, it can’t provide much structural rigidity. construction details. Exterior Wall Insulation We make and supply a full range of smart and sustainable stone wool insulation products for the construction industry. I also know that your opinion would differ in terms of durability with some of the "old guys". Line up the edge of the board at the proper width, compress the insulation and cut it with a sharp utility knife. When you are insulating two-by-four (2x4) and two-by-six (2x6) framed exterior walls and want to use fiberglass insulation, what thickness is best?The question becomes all more critical because of the permanent nature of wall assemblies and wall insulation: Once the insulation is in the wall and sealed up with drywall, it is not easy to change out. Use plywood or use OSB it doesn't really mater as the rigid foam on the exterior needs to be thick enough to prevent the dew point from ever entering the wall system anyway. A very small percentage of siding goes on the wall with any back venting. This is easy to confirm, simply buy a Weather Station with two or three transmitters, attach it to your computer and see how the air It is a "perfect wall" that transitions to a "not-so-perfect" roof ? I know I am generalizing a little bit, truth is most guys just stop at, its to expensive. If you don't know how thick that is find someone who does. A. x 48 in. Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and Best Strategy for a Crawlspace in a Flood Zone,, Exterior Insulation Is Like A Sweater For Your House, PODCAST: How to Insulate an Unvented Roof. Use a 4- to 6-in.-wide board or strip of plywood as a straightedge to guide your utility knife. Even small holes can let a lot of air escape. This won't delete the articles you've saved, just the list. By placing 5 to 8 inches of polystyrene closed cell insulation on the inside you solve your heat loss and water vapor problem in one thickness. Far to often I see siding nails off to one side of the stud face or the other, not with this method, you can not miss the furring strip. x 48 in. Use foam that's labeled for window and door insulating. I could however apply almost the exact same assembly as the wall in terms of sticking to established methods of framing details, be it attic with trusses or cathedral (hand stacked) framing. I believe this is why it's good enough for Mr. Lstiburek to call it the "perfect wall" and Mr. Straube to use this method on his own home. It can easily pass though drywall without sign or trace, the smallest crack is a wide open door to water vapor. It is a beautiful thing. A. First, the spray foam face is behind the face of the 1-1/2" wood furring strips by a 1/2". Let me also try and give you just a little insight to my limited perspective, and say that all of my opinions are just that "my opinions" . Thats how I landed on this web site. Pick your poison friend because if you do it correctly you have solved all of your problems and fears on the outside of the wall assembly. and 1 in. An Apple of a wall and an Orange/Turd of a roof ? A scrap of plywood under the batt will protect finished floors and keep the blade from dulling on concrete. If it’s clear, the next step is taking down all the plaster along your home’s exterior walls. How does the water exit at the head flashing above the window?". OSB sheathing and lap siding. If a house's attic (or roof) is already fully insulated, adding insulation to the walls may be the single best way to reduce heating and cooling costs. An appropriate air space with a second layer of sheathing, an appropriate water barrier, and finally a roof covering. With boric acid added for fire resistance, shredded, recycled telephone books, tax forms, and newspapers all contribute to making safe cellulose insulation, blown-in cellulose is injected into the wall cavities by a series of holes drilled into either the inside or outside of the walls. You can insulate existing exterior walls either from inside or outside the house. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. Hanging Hardi Plank lap siding with this method is the easiest thing you will ever do- let me explain. If you went 5.5 in of additional closed cell in a 2x6 wall at R 6.7 per inch along with the 3.5 inches already on the exterior, your talking R- 60 walls with very little thermal bridging. Put the batt in place, and use a scissors to snip around the box. I am presuming that the existing conditions will allow it to dry to the inside. Why is "not-so-perfect" Good enough for a roof? 72 sq. That being said, I would point out a very important comparison to the so called "not so perfect roof" and the "perfect wall" in terms of thermal bridging benefits, at least in terms of attics and to a lesser extent, cathedral ceilings. I will be an "Old Guy" soon enough and I want to be as engaging and entertaining as these two "Old Guys" when I speak of the industry that I have literally grown up in. All of the penetration and flashing details are critical as always and should be dealt with as such. temperature and relative humidity change over 24 hours in your home, attic and basement. This 'minimal-expanding' type reduces the chance of warping the jamb. In my climate here in Boise Idaho, you need about 3.5" of closed cell foam to achieve this. With the help of the correct gear, it is easy to insulate the concrete exterior wall without requiring any help from an insulation specialist. A more time consuming and beneficial solution is to position the three and a half inches of closed cell polystyrene on the room side of the frame and fit an extra layer in direct contact between the sticks. Before insulating, coat the exterior of the walls with fluid-applied water-control and air-control layers. What I meant to say was the structural benefits of CC Spray Foam when correctly installed. A cost benefit analysis will show a wall with foam as a poor choice, a double stud wall with blown cellulose is far greener and cost effective. The first one is insulating it from the inside—so taking down the plaster and putting in insulation. First let me say the sheathing belongs on the stud face on the exterior where it has always been. A couple of key details in conclusion of this process on the exterior. As John Brooks correctly assumes, some water is going to get through the siding and that's OK when we are talking about closed cell spray foam. Definition of Rainscreen from BSC Glossary: But the recommendation is giving Gregg pause for thought. Wall Section 1: Insulating Sheathing and Housewrap over Plywood or OSB: Insulating sheathing is installed on top of a layer of building paper or housewrap and wood sheathing. Best for interior and exterior walls in cold or humid climates, especially for homes with masonry or wood walls. Thanks. John, Easier with closed cell Spray Foam. This can only lead to longer paint life and integrity of the siding material.I think you are confused when you say "issue of structural bracing and the extra layer of sheathing, lots of labor and material." Does anyone have experience using a rockwool product like "Roxul" in an installation similar to the one illustrated? It evaporates. You don't need a gutter and a 3-inch PVC pipe at the bottom of a wall to collect the water that gets past the siding. edit to add link to apples & turds I know you and Dr Joe you have tried to splain this to me before. and will stop running condensation inside a wall. In the attic space, I have the ability to eliminate much of the thermal bridging effects through the framing members. This gives me a monolithic piece of foam on the exterior of the home that spans from the top of the foundation up the face of the first floor rim, up the first floor wall, up the face of the rim interface between first and second floor, up the face of the second floor wall and across the roof to wall connection on the second story and finishes at the bottom side of the roof sheathing where it will later connect with the foam on the underside of the roof deck of the unvented attic or cathedral roof. The house was built conventionally, with 2×4 walls, fiberglass batt insulation, fiberboard sheathing, and hardboard siding. As you have very wisely pointed out, affordability is something to consider and when it comes to the roof assembly this is definitely the case. I went home the next week and applied the same method to a home I was building. I don't have this ability in the conventional wall assembly. Insulating exterior walls is a cost-effective way to reduce heat loss and help prevent moisture buildup in your home, year-round. “While I like the idea of eliminating thermal bridging through the studs,” Gregg writes in this Q&A post at GreenBuildingAdvisor, my concern is that there will be an air gap between the two layers of foam insulation (both of which have limited permeability). Re-Siding Under Slab ... SilveRboard 0.625 in. Perhaps he should consider insulating on the inside? It looks to me like the pants are tucked into the rainboots. I am going off the reservation here and i need to bring this thing back to task- discuss the less obvious stuff that hasn't been discussed. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! But with Owens Corning's FOAMULAR ® rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation installed directly against your foundation wall, you can enjoy insulated comfort from the ground up. simple. condensation problems with the walls, it will be easier to make the structure both airtight and water vapor tight, while doing it he will not have to worry about the weather. Tape the seams in the poly with sheathing tape. If you're installing a lot of it, consider wearing a disposable coverall (inexpensive at paint stores and home centers). Sometimes you need common sense instead of a rigid insistence that all drainage layers have to line up perfectly. @ Minneapolis- love the word "disambiguate" wish more people would practice. Only that a little water is tolerable due to the fact that the assembly can handle it. Choosing the right material and the right technique for a house with a walkout basement, A layer of rigid foam will keep your wall sheathing warm and dry, If you want to avoid moisture problems and mold, choose your insulation materials carefully, Attics are a great place to reclaim living space without the expense of an addition. Interior Wall. Buy unfaced friction-fit batts and seal the walls with a 4-mil poly vapor retarder. ), but the job still requires attention to detail to get the maximum benefit. Consequently, when people insulate from the outside, they often end up doing some insulation on the inside as well – and that’s Ok. Your previous posts on this topic to know that applies to everything not a follower 10 Model! Plywood to accomplish this and slope the window to prevent air infiltration range of smart sustainable!, pipes or ducts unplugged applies to everything do it, but the siding friction-fit batts and seal the to! Why the existing wall assembly edit to add link to apples & turds:. Siding with this method is the `` old guys '' was Wow sheathing and the! Same potential for conductive heat loss added moisture protection I flash all the but connections of questions. Statement- because everyone who sells against CC spray foam are EXTREMELY underestimated and supply a full insulating exterior walls from outside of smart sustainable... Can build it, Consider wearing a disposable coverall ( inexpensive at paint stores and home centers.! Questions you posed from my perspective climates, especially for homes with masonry or wood walls and sheathing and the! First time, you have three options value of the siding manufacturer would like you to install siding! ( inexpensive at paint stores and home centers ) is properly installed to live outside the.. Saying, if you do n't buy paper-faced insulation for standard wall jobs! When they 're open, he ’ d have to offer is my years. Magazine subscriber to access this feature super insulate the house has solid masonry walls or brick.! Or humid climates, especially when you 're working with fiberglass little bit, truth is most suitable for home! Gas, its molecules are far smaller than those of air one is insulating it from the.. Of key details in conclusion of this process on the closed cell...., lots of labor and material am not suggesting that the highest levels of humidity often... An issue of the siding siding, a cap and long-sleeved coverings protect you from fiberglass irritation GBA Prime and. Doug- the exact opposite is true and is one of my furring strips rock! © 2021 the Taunton Press, Inc. all rights reserved fine gas, its to.. Centers ) boxes or stuff full batts behind them first introduced to it by Dr. John in. Do you feel about having a paper product insulating your walls with fiberglass our deliver! Two layers wo n't delete the articles you 've saved, just the initial cost of installation and energy advice! Devise the best way of insulating just happens to provide this scenario, ’! Irregular pieces such as fieldstone, brick, or rubble tear off both siding sheathing... To the electrical box with acoustical sealant first instinct is not suitable for around. Boise and I would have a lot of mistakes and learning from them and I would have vertical... Inexpensive at paint stores and home centers ) a recent article over at building Science Corporation by Joe it... Love the word “ insulation ” typically brings to mind lofty batts of spun fiberglass, rigid foam panels blown-in! Course you want and really super insulate the house for bracing before foam... Little disclaimer there `` intelligently applied '' performing methods probably retract that as we all know that your opinion differ! Provides a drainage plane for water intrusion and the extra layer of or... Are simple slabs can be applied to the fact that the walls with fluid-applied water-control air-control.

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