Stories. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reported that a total of 171,000 migrants took the risky route in 2016. Many refugees that arrived in Italy and Greece came from countries where armed conflict was ongoing (Syrian civil war (2011–present), War in Afghanistan (2001–present), Iraqi conflict (2003–present)) or which otherwise were considered to be " refugee-producing " and … Half of them are disabled and have stayed inside the reception system for between six months and two years. A humanitarian residence permit holder, Koffi came to Italy after his family at home was threatened. A landmark UN migration study published on Monday shows that 93 per cent of Africans making the journey to European countries along irregular routes, would do it again, despite facing often life-threatening danger. Over 24,000 people made the journey across the Mediterranean in 2018, 1,300 of whom, with many search and rescue ships prevented from saving lives, died at sea. The issue of war refugees in Italy during WWI is not restricted to those who fled or were evacuated after the Austrian occupation of the Veneto and Friuli in 1917. Refugees immediately apply for asylum in Italy with the Commission for the Recognition of Refugee Status who, upon acceptance of their application, will grant refugee status. 60,000 young refugees and migrants who arrived in Italy alone need support as they enter adulthood – UN Agencies. 60,000 young refugees and migrants who arrived in Italy as unaccompanied children need support as they now transition into adulthood.UNICEF, @refugees and @unmigration offer key recommendations in our new report. Rome, Italy – Before arriving in Italy, Koffi (not his real name), a 29-year-old from Ivory Coast, did not know much about lasagna. Will Biden’s repeal of Trump’s travel ban reverse its impact? “We had no communication whatsoever before the 19,” Maria Rita Cardillo, the legal officer of the programme in Caserta, told Al Jazeera. of thousands of unaccompanied and separated children who have arrived in Italy as refugees, la Number of refugees in Italy 1992-2019. Italian law defines “refugee” as “a foreign citizen who, on the basis of on a well-founded fear of being persecuted by reason of race, religion, citizenship, belonging to a particular social group [or holding a particular] political opinion, is found outside of the territory of his/her country of citizenship and cannot or, on the basis of such fear, is unwilling to avail him/herself of the protection of his/her country.”A stateless person found outside the territory in which he/she previously had his/her usual residence for the same r… The risk of COVID-19 in their country of origin can be considered a reason to grant migrants humanitarian protection in Italy, a Milan court has ruled. The spell is broken at the entrance, where barbed-wire fences are manned by heavily armed soldiers in camouflage gear. It was a day like many others, but it also set a new record: More refugees reached Italy’s shores last year than in the crisis year of 2014. ♦ Receive daily updates directly in your inbox -. After the official communication went public, the interior ministry on December 21 attempted to clarify its instructions. “According to the law, humanitarian protection holders could remain inside the system until the end of their programme,” Miraglia said. “So they are not seeking to overturn Salvini’s policies.”. “And the town halls will renew most of these for another three years.”. The numbers are up from 2014 and 2015, which brought roughly 170,000 and 150,000, respectively. Refugee status was granted to 6,827 people; about 27,000 others received other forms of protection. The Trump business backlash: Corporate ‘woke-washing’ or new era? [1] More detailed statistics are made available by the National Commission for the Right to Asylum (Commissione nazionale per il diritto di asilo, CNDA). “This research draws attention to the best practices to disseminate,” concluded Laurence Hart, Director of the IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean. Asylum applications and refugees in Italy 48,391 asylum applications by refugees were … Enactment of Salvini’s anti-migrant decree could push vulnerable asylum seekers onto streets of Italy. For beneficiaries of this programme, the recognition of refugee status takes approximately one or two months. “Even if there is a new reception programme for humanitarian protection holders in seven months, what should we do in the meantime?” Cardillo said. Between 2014 and 2018, around 60,000 of them arrived in Italy by sea, 90 per cent of whom were between the ages of 15 and 17, according to a new report issued by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). More than 119,000 migrants arrived in Italy by sea in … School and vocational training are recognized by this vulnerable group as “fundamental milestones of their inclusion pathway”. Italy refugee … At the crossroad: Unaccompanied and separated children in the transition to adulthood in Italy, Refugees overcrowded to ‘boiling point’ on Greek island, warns UN agency, UNHCR welcomes deal to end latest migrant stand-off in Mediterranean Sea, FROM THE FIELD: How the smell of fresh bread transformed one refugee life, More than 90 per cent of Africa migrants would make perilous Europe journey again, despite the risks, Tragedy of Mediterranean deaths continues, as seven drown, 57 rescued: UN migration agency. Caserta hosts eight holders. During the first five days of January 2021, 265 migrants arrived by sea in Italy. The report advocates that the EU employ “rapid and effective” reunification procedures; ensure cooperation between Member States in securing “the principle of the best interests of the child”; and that Member States “safeguard the rights and opportunities of young refugees in transition to adulthood”. CATANIA, Italy Along with millions of Italians, the future of tens of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers in Italy has become more uncertain as the largest and deadliest coronavirus outbreak in Europe has pushed the country to take stringent containment measures. Here are 10 facts about Italy refugees: In 2016, Italy broke its record of asylum seekers admitted from the Mediterranean, at close to 200,000 for the year. This is the highest number of monthly sea arrivals this year so … It should also ensure national and local coordination with the institutions responsible for UASC issues, including youth policies, training and education. Meanwhile, new data shows that more than 34,000 migrants and refugees arrived on Italian shores in 2020. With a focus on possible pathways for these youth to transition to adult life, the report zeroed in on Sicily, Lombardy and Latium, the three regions hosting the highest numbers. Training gave me a better hope for the future,” he said. “None of the 1,428 holders of a humanitarian residence permit who are currently enrolled in SIPROIMI will end up on the streets,” it said in a statement. “Moving out those with of a humanitarian permit in days during the Christmas holidays and with no foreseen alternative is absurd.”. Italy: Migrants and refugees on the margins of society In Borgo Mezzanone, near Foggia, there is a governmental reception center with more than a 1,000 asylum seekers (on the left). #AChildIsAChild … The report, At the crossroad: Unaccompanied and separated children in the transition to adulthood in Italy, highlights the ‘triple transition’ young refugees and migrants face when they turn 18  – from adolescence to adulthood, from living in one country to another, and through the emotional pain and trauma experienced when leaving home and during dangerous journeys. It also highlights that the reception these children have received is closely linked to social inclusion issues, problems transitioning to a new culture, and overcoming past traumas as refugees. Omar (17), far right on second row, and other unaccompanied migrant boys at an abandoned church in Sicily, Italy. In October 2018, former Italian interior minister and far-right League party leader, Matteo Salvini, drafted the so-called “migration and security decree”. First Lady Melania Trump releases farewell message, New videos show Wuhan during earliest days of COVID outbreak. “We received a lot – an education and a regular document to stay here. Based in Rome, the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (JNRC) is a nonprofit that works to give homeless refugees the tools necessary to create a life for themselves in Italy, including legal advice, employment services, technology courses and language classes. By official count, in 2016 Italy received some 180,000 asylum-seekers, the better part of them from Africa. Unaccompanied migrant minors arriving in Italy 2014-2020. In September 2019, 2,499 refugees and migrants arrived in Italy by sea, most of whom departed from Tunisia. Migrant arrivals in Italy 2014-2021. UN Refugee Chief welcomes African leadership and solidarity in action for refugees evacuated from Libya. Miraglia first sounded the alarm over the consequences of the ministry’s decision, which he says is based on a mistaken interpretation of the security decree. The Repatriated↑ The flood upon us Together with Greece, Italy is the main port of entry for the great majority of refugees to Europe. Most took refuge in Italy, mainly after their expulsion in 1970, ordered by Muammar Gaddafi. In 2018 the far-right former interior minister Matteo Salvini declared Italy’s ports “closed” to migrant rescue ships, arguing that migrants represented a threat to national security. “The potential loss of continuous support for tens of thousands of young people –  due to an artificial, age-based distinction – will put them at further risk of social isolation, violence, abuse and an uncertain future”, added Anna Riatti, UNICEF Country Coordinator for the Migration Programme in Italy. In 2020, 34.1 thousand migrants arrivals on the Italian coasts. “Some would not be able to live outside,” said Cardillo, concerns shared by other social workers. Italy must also promote safe and appropriate family or community-based alternative care arrangements, as well as supervised independent housing solutions. In the meantime, Koffi and his fellow humanitarian holders and asylum seekers can do little more than wait. Life-saving programme offers safe path to Italy for refugees News Releases. Refugee Crisis: Rescue Boats From Libya to Italy More than 106,000 migrants have tried to flee Libya by boat to Italy this year—all willing to risk everything for a better life in Europe. Norway policy on Pfizer vaccine unchanged after alarm over deaths, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. This means losing their houses and possibly missing out on language classes and traineeships. A rescue operation on the Mediterranean concluded on Tuesday with confirmation that seven people drowned and 57 were rescued, following a shipwreck off the Greek island of Lesvos, the UN migration agency, IOM, said. Since 2016, he has lived within the public-funded reception system for refugees in the southern city of Caserta, north of Naples. On December 19, the Italian Ministry of the Interior issued an official communication compelling these permit holders to leave the reception system by the end of the year. Refugees in Italy bear brunt of coronavirus angst As the far right weaponises the pandemic to advance an anti-migrant agenda, migrants are returned once again to … Those may only be abstract numbers to some, but behind them lie the fates of thousands. Among other things, it suggests that beyond age definitions, Italy adopt relevant policies that reflect the complexity of the triple transition processes to adulthood and focuses on the specific needs of these young people. Inside an Immigrant Refugee Camp in Italy I gave a camera to a Nigerian immigrant who ended up in a refugee camp in Sicily after crossing the Mediterranean from Libya in a fishing boat. Different Categories of Refugees ↑. Overview of statistical practice The Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of Interior publishes monthly statistical reports on asylum applications and first instance decisions. Eighty-five percent of these migrants were from African countries, including Nigeria, Eritrea, and Sudan. According to the rates of approval of requests, it can be estimated that about 59% (Unhcr) of the persons arriving in Italy through the Mediterranean are entitled either to the status of refugee or to international or humanitarian protection. Local town halls will now decide whether to keep the affected people in the reception programme. The JNRC helps about 200 to 250 refugees per week and about 12,000 refugees each year. After this August’s political crisis of the coalition government, between Salvini’s far-right League party and the populist Five Star Movement, followed by the appointment of technician Luciana Lamorgese as the new interior minister, social and humanitarian workers had hoped for radical change in Italy’s migration policy. They will be able to continue their studies at 10 Italian universities through a scholarship. He has been provided with an apartment and studied at a local school. “People could end up in the streets in the middle of the winter,” said Filippo Miraglia, who works with ARCI, a network of committees and cooperatives involved in cultural and social activities, hosting roughly 3,000 refugees in 80 aid and reception schemes. Hundreds of refugees in Italy face losing shelter by end of 2019 Enactment of Salvini’s anti-migrant decree could push vulnerable asylum seekers onto streets of Italy. Italy is currently hosting 170,000 refugees. “The minister of interior wants to avoid an open conflict with the Five Star Movement,” Miraglia said. The Italian refugees from Libya were the Italian colonists and their descendants who were forced out of Libya after the end of WWII. United Nations agencies on Friday highlighted the dire needs of thousands of unaccompanied and separated children who have arrived in Italy as refugees, lacking the proper support to transition through to adulthood. The research has shown that Italy’s legal framework recognizes UASC's rights and protection. To sum it up: during 2015, only 48 out of 100 people arrived in Italy seeked asylum in the country. The report revealed that in June, there were 7,272 UASC (short for unaccompanied or separated children) living in Italy and that over the last five years, some 60,000 had turned 18. He was later abducted in a Libyan detention centre and then, finally, made a perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

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